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Adaptive Clothing in Australia

The way we dress is a powerful form of self-expression. And for many people buying clothing and wearing different styles is fun and exciting. But for some people, getting dressed in the morning isn’t a simple, everyday task.

Instead, for those who experience disability, using fastenings, tight clothing, certain fabrics, uncomfortable seams and laces can be incredibly challenging and even impossible.

And while adaptive clothing in Australia does exist, the clothing often lacks style and design – making those who wear these types of clothing feel disregarded by mainstream fashion. These days that’s all changing. Adaptive fashion is an exciting new space changing the game for those who experience disability.

What is adaptive fashion?

Fashion brands are not often associated with diversity. It’s a field that’s known for focussing on a very narrow group of people – normally able-bodied and thin. And for those who don’t have this type of body, fashion can be incredibly restrictive.

Adaptive fashion changes all that. Adaptive fashion blends function and usability with style and aesthetics to create clothing that’s both fashionable and simple to wear.

Adaptive fashion recognises that we all care about the way we express ourselves to the world regardless of different shapes, sizes and abilities. And it means clothing to suit that diversity.

Meanwhile, adaptive fashion makes fitting, fastening, and wearing clothing comfortable and simple.

Adaptive fashion includes things like:
– Denim that’s stretchable and wearable in a wheelchair.
– Clothing that suits different body shapes.
– Replacing challenging shoelaces with simple zippers.
– Magnetic closures that attach without the need for fiddly buttons
– Adjustable hems for wheelchairs and different bodies.
– Velcro closures for quick fastening.
– Shoulder fastenings for t-shirts.
– Side fastenings for underwear.

Where can I find adaptive fashion?

Fortunately, adaptive fashion is a growing space. Where ten years ago, finding brands would have been incredibly difficult. Today, in Australia and overseas, there are many recognised brands, like Tommy Hilfiger and Nike, creating accessible clothing alongside smaller brands with complete lines developed with accessibility in mind.

Think trendy jackets, stylish sneakers, fitted t-shirts, comfortable dresses, and jeans to suit everybody.

Some places to find adaptive fashion include:
Christina Stevens
IZ Adaptive
Tommy Adaptive
Nike FlyEase
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Using your funds flexibly

At myAutonomy, we give our participants choice and control over how they use their funding. That’s because we believe you should have the flexibility to choose what therapies, products and services will suit you best.

We recognise that our participants are individuals and it’s our goal to help them thrive. We’re here to help with any question or query you may have.

Curious about using your funding for adaptive fashion, we can help you understand what you can and can’t claim. Call us on 1300 60 33 89, or email us at [email protected]