Getting started with NDIS plans

Getting started with NDIS plans

New to NDIS plan management? We’ve got you covered. At myAutonomy, it’s our goal to help participants make the most of their plans to ensure they can truly thrive and improve their quality of life.

Our guide to NDIS plans will cover what a plan is, how to make the most of it, and the best avenues to find the right supports.

Let’s dive in.

What is an NDIS plan?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides funding to eligible people who experience disability. The funding is provided to help participants gain greater independence, better interact with the community, and improve their quality of life.

All funding is delivered through plans. An NDIS plan lists a participant’s goals alongside supports that will help them attain those goals.

All plans also relate to a person’s disability, and any supports provided must be considered ‘reasonable and necessary’ with this in mind.

How do I make the most of an NDIS plan?

Once you have an NDIS plan, it’s important to get the most out of it. If not, you may not benefit in all the ways you can, or you could even lose a plan in the future.

Some ways to ensure you utilise your plan include:

  • Set the right goals: all NDIS plans revolve around goals. Setting goals at the outset will ensure you start on the right path to gaining relevant supports that will help you thrive.
  • Use your funding: it’s likely your funding will fall into different categories. It’s important to use the funding from all of those categories in meaningful ways. Leaving funds unspent could mean reduced funding in future plans or even losing a plan altogether.
  • Budget effectively: planning ahead will ensure you can get what you need from your funding throughout the duration of the plan. Budgeting can be challenging, but fortunately, it’s something we at myAutonomy can help out with.

Where do I find services?

When it comes to discovering the right supports, your Support Coordinator is the first port of call. They can help you discover the right providers for you.

You can also find providers via:

  • NDIS provider finder: the provider finder enables anyone to look up NDIS-registered providers based on location, service, and more.
  • NDIS provider directories: there are many free online directories that enable participants to search for relevant providers. Kismet Healthcare has recently entered the NDIS space and presents a range of different providers specific to a participant’s location and preferences.
  • Local Area Coordinator (LAC): your LAC can also assist with provider searches and help match you to the right providers.

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