NDIS Support in Starting A Business

If you currently receive NDIS funding and you want to start a business, NDIS might be able to support you in your transition to self-employment. There are currently two types of NDIS funding that may be relevant to you if you have a disability. 

  1. Employment Support
  2. Supports in Employment – Specialised supported employment

Employment Support

The Employment Support fund is all about helping you build capacity. It can provide short term assistance to help you explore the type of work or business that suits you, build foundational skills, manage complex barriers or even develop a career plan. 

Supports in Employment – Specialised supported employment 

This is a new type of funding that provides tailored support for NDIS participants who are less independent, need help to manage behaviour, or need ongoing support in the workplace. This means there is ongoing core budget funding that can be used in any place of work including self-employment, a micro-business or a family run business. 

These two NDIS fundings will give you more opportunities to get the support you need to develop a career that you love and will help with some of the disability-related barriers that might come up when increasing your autonomy. 

Which funding is right for you? 

To help you decide which funding is right for you, think about the barriers you might face starting your own business because of the impact of your disability. Then decide how your NDIS funding can help solve those barriers. 

Here are some examples of barriers to get you thinking: 

  • Help to understand legal issues
  • Assistance in developing a business or marketing plan 
  • Teach you the steps of making your product 
  • Skills, strengths and interests linked to your business idea

Resources to help you get started

Now that you have more understanding of the two NDIS funding’s for starting a business, and you know what barriers you need help with, it’s time to look for resources. 

InCharge is a part of a project that supports people with disability in Western NSW and Western Sydney who want to learn about starting a small business. If you live in these areas, you can find out more information here

Here is a list of other popular organisations who support employment, provide mentoring and help start a business: 


South Australia


Western Australia