Provider Spotlight: Sonder Care Group

Everyone should have the chance to explore their unique passions and interests. That’s an idea that’s not only celebrated but made possible at Sonder Care Group.

The organisation partners those who experience disability with a dedicated mentor to explore the participant’s passions and hobbies.

We chatted with the team to learn more about how they help.

Who is Sonder Care Group?

We’re a group of youthful, passionate, and energetic support workers focusing on social,
adventurous and fun activities.

At Sonder Care Group, we pair positive mentors with our participants. Together, they can engage in a wide variety of hobbies, interests, and skills –– whether that’s kayaking, hiking, fishing, or going to a rock concert!

It’s all up to the participant –– they tell us what they enjoy and we find them the right match.

We offer both one-on-one support and bespoke adventure-based camps. Some past
camps have included 4WDing and camping on Fraser Island in Queensland,
skiing/snowboarding at Mount Hotham and camping in the Northern Territory desert.

How did Sonder Care Group come to be in the NDIS?

Our founder, Sebastian, is a passionate support worker with a love of the outdoors including 4WDing, camping, hiking, and sports. Wanting to help people with a disability explore their own
passions, he started Sonder Care Group in January 2019.

Which regions does Sonder Care Group service?

We cover both Victoria and Southeast Queensland. We aim to be a national provider in the next three-five years to help more and more people get outside, connect to nature and soak up this incredible world we live in.

What is the Sonder Care Group difference?

Our main goal is to get participants ‘out and about’ with someone they ‘click’ with.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s hiking, snorkelling, camping, skateboarding, learning to play tennis, or something else entirely –– we do our best to find participants the best-matched support workers to achieve their goals.

Our youthful, energetic support workers are passionate about saying “YES!” and getting the most out of life.

How does the process work?

We put a heavy emphasis on finding the right fit. To do this, participants fill in a questionnaire. At Sonder, we review it, then send it to our team of support workers. Support workers will then put their name forward if they think they’re a good fit.

The participant then gets the chance to review the best match profiles to find one that clicks for them. We set up a suitable ‘meet and greet’ and the fun can begin.

If for any reason there’s no match, we simply help participants find someone else.

Do you have capacity?

Yes, we currently have some capacity in the Sunshine Coast, Geelong, and Melbourne. We’ll have capacity in Brisbane, and Mornington Peninsula in the next few months.

To learn more about Sonder Care Group, visit their website, Youtube, or Facebook page.

To get in touch call 1800 845 275, or email [email protected].

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