Provider Spotlight Surgical House

Provider Spotlight: Surgical House

Medical products can be critical for managing certain health conditions. And some consumables and assistive technology equipment are covered under NDIS core supports.

One provider, Surgical House, provides essential medical supplies to those who need them.

The organisation helps those living with complex or chronic conditions by providing a reliable, one-stop solution to their healthcare product needs.

Who are Surgical House?

Surgical House exists to provide quality healthcare consumables and equipment to people living with complex or chronic health conditions.

Surgical House is a family-owned Australian business in Perth, Western Australia. We are a wholesale and retail supplier of healthcare consumables and equipment distributing Australia-wide. Over the past decades, we have built our business on a reputation of excellent service, mutual trust and reliability.

We are also a nationally registered provider of NDIS core support consumables and assistive technologies equipment.

How did Surgical House come to be?

Surgical House was established in 1980 as a provider for people needing healthcare products. This is typically for those discharged from hospitals and providing surgical operating theatre products.

Which regions does Surgical House service?

We’re WA-based but supply nationally including regional areas.

What is the Surgical House difference?

Our knowledgeable and caring team help people of all ages living with complex or chronic health conditions by providing a reliable, one-stop solution to all of their healthcare product and equipment needs.

We also offer peace of mind to the people who support those with health conditions.

Do you have capacity?

Yes, we always do.

What’s the best way to get in touch?

Contact Surgical House on (08) 9381 4199 or set up an account with us by following the easy steps via this link