Reflections from our CEO

Reflections from our CEO

As the financial year closes, our CEO, John Drill, paused for reflection on what has been a difficult time for many.

The 2022/23 financial year was an increasingly challenging one for people across Australia. In the sector, a mix of good and not so good moments have occurred.

We are pleased to see care workers gain a much-needed pay rise, and we’ve also noticed an improvement within the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) from a service and compliance perspective. As Plan Managers, we often serve as a proxy for compliance, which presents its own set of challenges, however, we are optimistic about what the future holds.

Unfortunately, we still see a narrative in mainstream media overly focussed on the cost of the NDIS, as opposed to the value it creates in the community. While the Final Report from the Independent Review will be delivered in October 2023 the interim report has not highlighted any new insights or potential changes, particularly for those working in the sector. Sara Gingold from DSC presented a considered analysis of the ten areas of improvement.

It has been very disappointing to see Support Coordinators have yet again not received an increase for the fourth year in a row. We work very closely with Support Coordinators, and since the announcement, we have sadly seen some move away from offering level 2 Support Coordination. The National Disability Services have been quite vocal in their response, see what they had to say on this.

Despite the small reprieve this month with the RBA pausing rate increases, there are still significant cost of living challenges across the community, as highlighted in a recent survey conducted by The Smith Family. What this potentially means for NDIS participants and their families from our perspective is, that resources will be stretched, and stress levels will be high.

While we see small wins, much work remains. During these times, we stay committed to helping support coordinators, participants, and their supports to thrive in every way we can.

Best regards,
John Drill
CEO, myAutonomy

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