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The myAutonomy Difference

What is an NDIS Plan Manager : How are we different?

Since inception, our goal at myAutonomy has been to provide flexible and attentive service, while continuing to develop trust within our community of participants and their families, providers, and disability and mental health professionals.

 Over time, we have developed systems and processes that ensure our participants, their support coordinators, and the many providers in our network, receive fast, consistent and accurate service from our Plan Specialist team.

 So far, so good… or is it?

 During what has been a tumultuous 2020 and 2021 we’ve been workshopping different ways to evolve our service in the community, and we’re delighted to announce that effective from November 2021 we’re going to be introducing a new team of Engagement Consultants to help strengthen the myAutonomy difference.

What is an Engagement Consultant?

 The Engagement Consultant exists to make the lives of our participants, and their support coordinators, easier. Whether it’s a call, an email, or a message via our social platforms, our Engagement Consultants will help with budget forecasts, manage and resolve any day-to-day challenges, along with ensuring our community is kept up to date and informed about NDIS changes. In effect, our Engagement Consultants do the heavy lifting and take the stress out of managing day-to-day tasks and activities.

 But wait, there’s more… We’ve been conducting portfolio reviews for Support Coordinators, which encompasses a comprehensive review of all active participants that are plan managed by myAutonomy. Support Coordinators love this service and we’ve been told that no one else in the industry is this attentive.

 Meet Jo Oliver, Engagement Consultant #1

 Our rockstar Engagement Consultant, Jo Oliver has had a breadth of experience across the disability sector, since her commencement in 2004. From starting out as a support worker through to supervisor and project management roles, Jo has a wealth of experience working in this space, and is excited about the prospects that working as an Engagement Consultant will bring as part of the myAutonomy team. When asked about why she joined myAutonomy, Jo did not hesitate in responding with, “I joined because John, our Founder, and I share the same values. We’re both committed to providing a flexible, attentive, reliable and trustworthy service for our participants, their families, and their support coordinators. I’m all about serving and supporting others, so this is the perfect role for me.” 

 Does this sound like you?

 If the above sounds like you, or it sounds like someone you know, then let’s chat. We’ve got big goals in 2022, and we’ll be looking to grow our Engagement Consultant team as well as our Plan Specialist teams, who work hand in glove to deliver on the myAutonomy difference.

 Learn more about how we can make your role easier. Email us at [email protected] or call us on 1300 60 33 89.