Understanding the role of an LAC 

Understanding the role of an LAC 

At myAutonomy, it’s our goal to make navigating the NDIS simpler and more effective. Here we’re covering the role of LACs to help you understand how they can help.

LACs are important people for participants. They can help participants understand the NDIS, create a plan, and make changes down the line.

What is an LAC? 

An LAC is a Local Area Coordinator. LACs work for partner organisations and are funded through the NDIA. They’re free for participants to work with and they play a number of vital roles.

LACs can help participants to:

  • Navigate and access the NDIS
    LACs can ensure that participants both have access to the NDIS and that they can navigate the process of NDIS plans.
  • Develop a plan
    While LACs cannot approve NDIS plans, they can help participants to understand supports, develop goals, and create a plan. An LAC will have conversations to understand the participant’s situation and ensure the right plan is created.
  • Offer assistance
    Once an NDIS plan is in place, an LAC can help participants to locate and use appropriate supports to achieve the goals set out in the NDIS plan.
  • Make plan changes
    LACs can also help participants to make changes to their plan during a plan assessment.
  • Answer questions
    It’s common for participants to have questions about their plan. Fortunately, LACs are available throughout the duration of a plan to help answer any questions a participant may have.

How do LACs differ from Support Coordinators? 

Support coordinators (SC) play a critical role in helping participants thrive and achieve their goals too.

Though, support coordinators work differently from LACs. SCs work with participants once plans are approved to ensure that participants can make the most of their plan. They are paid privately with the funding coming from a participant’s plan.

Support coordinators can help participants to:

  • Build skills
  • Access relevant services and supports
  • Use their funds effectively
  • Achieve their goals
  • Prepare for plan reviews

Making the most of LAC support 

As a participant, it’s essential to ensure you’re accessing the support you need. LACs play a critical role in helping you navigate the NDIS, understand whether you’re eligible for a plan, and helping you to get started with your plan.

If you wanted to access new services, make changes to your plan, or have a specific NDIS question answered, your LAC can help.

Find more information about LACs on the NDIS website.

Not sure where to find your LAC? Click here to find your local contact.

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