Easy signup, next day invoices

Signup online with easy to find information about your NDIS plan and we can be paying your invoices next day. We ensure quick turnaround and provide you will all the information you need to ensure your service providers are paid as quickly as possible.

Flexible options for invoice approval

Approving invoices can be a chore for some people and vitality important for others to check support worker hours. myAutonomy believes that a good plan manager predicts your spending happens and alerts you to potential overspends before they happen. We also provide full visibility of your transactions and each invoice in the myAutonomy mobile app, so you can see what is being paid on your behalf. If you still feel the need to view and approve each invoice before payment we will work with you to notify when invoices are available for approval and you can access the information easily on your phone or tablet to approve.

Choice of provider level budgets

When you engage a new service provider myAutonomy can reserve funds that you have committed from your plan and track the spending on each providers against the agreed amount and provide you with updates. This help you ensure the maximum amount of funds are utilised and providers are paid for their valuable services.


Mobile App with transactions and real time balances

myAutonomy uses the Careview advantage mobile App to track your expenditure and approve invoices, each transaction has a copy of the original invoice as sent from the service provider attached. The app can be installed on mobile devices including phone and tablet using either Android or Apple. Download the app for easy access to all your transactions and budgets in real time

Monthly statements and budget tracking

Each month we send you a transaction statement via email so you can see in detail which service providers have been paid and your balances. A copy of your statement can also be sent to your support coordinator

Support coordinator access

Support coordinators can view participants information through our support coordinator portal. Each Support Coordinator has a portfolio view which allows visibility of all your linked myAutonomy participants budgets and transactions in real-time.


Regular monitoring of spending patterns

We ensure your spending patterns are consistent with your goals

Proactive alerts of budget over and underspending

Our regular account reviews and proactive budget projections ensure you are using all of your available funds, we will contact you with alerts where your NDIS funding package has an opportunity to seek additional services

Engaging with your support network including service providers

Where appropriate and with your consent we engage with your existing and potential service providers to ensure a team approach to assisting you and your family reach your goals

myAutonomy makes NDIS Plan Management a breeze

We pride ourselves on providing an approachable, positive, empowering and dependable experience – with caring people, clear communication and streamlined systems in place. Every day, we work to make life within the NDIS simpler and less stressful by managing payments for your disability support and looking after your NDIS funds. Best of all, it costs nothing.