A Plan Variation vs A Plan Reassessment: What’s The Difference?

Plan Variation vs Plan Reassessment

Changes to your NDIS plan are sometimes needed. But with many terms used to describe plan changes and reviews, it can be confusing.  

The NDIS has worked to change this. As of 1 July 2022, the NDIS is changing some of the terms they use. Learn more here 

The terms ‘plan variation’ and ‘plan reassessment’ are now used to describe reviews, end of plans, new plans and extensions.   

It’s important to know –– a plan variation and a plan reassessment are two different things. You can learn about the differences between a plan reassessment and a plan variation on the NDIS website. 

We’ve also created this guide to help you understand the key aspects.  

What is a plan reassessment?  

Every plan includes an assessment date. This is a chance for you and the NDIS to take a look at your plan to assess whether changes are needed.  

Previously, a range of terms were used to describe plan reassessments including a full plan review, scheduled review, Change of Circumstances, and an S48.  

Things that will be discussed during a plan reassessment include:  

  • Which goals were achieved?  
  • What worked well and what didn’t? 
  • Things you’d like to change  
  • New goals for your next plan  
  • Significant changes which impact the plan 

Plan reassessments occur in person, or over the phone and participants can take a family member, loved one, or support coordinator with them.  

When the plan reassessment occurs, it’s possible that a new plan will be created, or the current plan will be varied depending on your situation. 

What is a plan variation?  

In some limited situations, plan variations may also occur outside of a typical reassessment. 

Plan variations have previously been referred to as light touch plan reviews, plan extensions, and new plans with minor changes.   

These circumstances include:  

  • Correcting an error in the plan  
  • Crisis or emergencies that require additional funding  
  • Changing the plan’s reassessment date  
  • If there are changes required for funding for supports  
  • If there is a provider change that affects current supports  
  • Other circumstances that can be found here 

If you require your plan to be changed before your reassessment date, then you’ll need to get in touch with the NDIS with a request. The NDIS will respond within 21 days to confirm whether they’ll be making a change to your plan.  

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