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Assistive Technology policy changes explained

Assistive Technology policy changes explained

We know that the changes to NDIS policy affect many of our participants and their supports. We’ve
looked into the new changes so that we can help you get the most out of your NDIS funds. One of
the most recent changes is that the NDIS has increased the upper limit of Medium Cost Assistive
Technology to $15,000. This was previously $5,000.

What does this mean for participants who are plan managed?

You can now buy things that cost up to $15,000 if you have the Assistive Technology category in
your budget. It needs to be included in your plan, but you can now purchase items from this category
without going through the quote approval process or needing a stated line item.

What do participants need to do to access Medium Cost Assistive Technology?

  1. An OT assessment is required to show that items are needed. This is then supplied to an
    NDIS Planner.
  2. A new plan or plan review is completed, and the funds are then added to the plan – up to
  3. The participant arranges the purchase and delivery of the item. myAutonomy will make sure
    your invoice is paid fast so that you can receive your item without any delays.

Why is this better?

No quotes are required, and funding is added to the plan based on an estimate. This removes the
delays while the NDIS approves quotes. This means participants are able to access the items that
they need without such a lengthy process to get them!

As an example, prior to these changes, a myAutonomy participant required a specialised oven. So
that they could use the oven, the door needed to fold down and retract into the wall beneath. This
item required an OT assessment for suitability, and then a quote was issued and approved by the
NDIS. It took over 6 months to get from start to finish with the quote process, and then the delivery
took even longer. It seems unbelievable that it can take so long to get an oven that you can use!

Under these new rules, once the funds are put into the person’s plan, no further NDIA involvement
is needed. We simply work with the participant, and their supports to source the item and pay for it.
The wait time for an item will be drastically reduced, which means people will have much faster
access to the things they need.

We’re here to help

We know that many people could benefit from these policy updates. If you want to know more
about how these changes will affect your plan budget, please reach out to our friendly team on 1300
60 33 89 or at [email protected].