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Sick pay for casual workers in Victoria

Victoria: Sick Leave Pay for Casual Workers

Being a casual worker offers many benefits. Flexibility, the option to take time off when you need to, and the ability to work around caring for a family or while studying.

When it comes to sick leave though, casual and self-employed workers normally have to choose between taking care of their health and receiving pay, which can prove stressful.

With many Support Coordinators and support workers self-employed or in casual employment, we know how challenging this can be for those engaged with the disability sector.

Changes for Victorians

For casual and self-employed workers in Victoria, the rules have changed. They are now able to receive pay for sick and carers days to take care of their health or to look after a loved one.

Casual and self-employed workers can receive five sick and carers days per year at minimum wage – around $770 in total per year.

The Sick Pay Guarantee is available for any roles within the disability sector that are casual or are independent contractors running their own business. We know that this is relevant to many Support Workers, Support Coordinators, and Recovery Coaches.

For those in the disability sector, now there’s no need to choose between getting paid and prioritising your health or the health of your family.

How to make a claim

To receive pay for sick or carers leave, you must make a claim through the Victorian Government. At this stage, the Victorian Sick Pay Guarantee is planned to operate for two years, starting in 2022.

To make a claim the following steps are required:

  1. Register for the Sick Pay Guarantee. This is important as you can only make claims after registering for the guarantee.
  2. Make a claim within 60 days of taking leave.
  3. Submit the claim through the Sick Pay Guarantee website.
  4. To complete the claim, provide proof of being employed during the claim period. Include either a letter of offer from your employer or a payslip for paid work during the claim period.
  5. Confirm you were unable to work during that time due to illness, or caring for an immediate family member or member of your household.
  6. To make a claim for an absence of 15 hours or more, include additional documents such as a medical certificate or Carers Certificate. Claims of two consecutive days or less don’t require medical certificates.

For full details visit the Victorian Government website.

We’re here to help

We know how challenging it can be to operate in the disability sector, whether you receive services, or you deliver them.

We’re here to streamline things by making admin easier, offer advice when you need it, and answer any questions you may have.

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