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How we can help you keep track of budgeting 

myAutonomy: Keeping Track of Expenses

At myAutonomy, we’re always listening to the needs of Support Coordinators. That’s because we know that the role can be a challenging and all-consuming one. 

It’s our goal to help in any way we can.

Participant Portfolio Reviews are one initiative we’ve implemented to help enable collaboration about mutual participants, review spending, and plan future budgets – things we know can be challenging to keep track of. 

What is a Participant Portfolio Review? 

For coordinators who have multiple participants with myAutonomy, we think it can be helpful to check in and discuss plan budgets. 

The aim of a Participant Portfolio Review is to ​​streamline your planning process and give a clear snapshot of all of your participants who use myAutonomy.

How does it work?

To keep things simple and streamlined, we can talk through all of your participant’s budgets in one easy video call. The call should take around 30 minutes for up to eight participants, or a little longer if you have a larger number of participants with us. 

During the call, we’ll share our screen view, and explain the budget forecast in as much detail as you’d like. 

Then, after the call, we’ll follow up with information that captures the key points of our discussion for you to have on record and refer back to as needed. It includes the current status of their budget, indicating surplus or deficit based on current expenditure, and other notes tidily tabulated for easy reference.  

After the Portfolio Review, we’ll arrange regular follow-ups, which usually happen every two months. The aim is for us to have open and regular communication, ensuring a high standard of cohesive support for participants. 

How can a Portfolio Review help? 

There are many ways in which a Portfolio Review can be useful. Reviews are an opportunity for us to identify any issues, share ideas and answer questions, and discuss new opportunities. 

Reviews can help: 

  • Identify areas of overspend
  • Discuss ways to get the most out of funding for participants
  • Discuss opportunities to spend on consumables and services
  • Assess remaining budget for the period 
  • Collaborate to get the best overall outcomes for our mutual participants 

Less admin, more time 

We’re here to help you save time on frustrating admin tasks so that you have more time to spend doing your best work – helping participants.

We’re here to help. Let us make things easy for you

Have, or want to have multiple participants with myAutonomy? It might be time to get in touch to see how we can help.

We can lend a hand with a Participant Portfolio Review. Email us at [email protected] or call us on 1300 60 33 89.