Best practice tips for NDIS claims

Best practice tips for NDIS claims

For providers, getting paid efficiently and effectively is essential to running a successful business and helping participants get the best service possible.

We’ve heard, though, that providers sometimes have trouble when claiming payments from the NDIS.

To make the process simpler, and more accurate, we’re providing some best practice tips.

Why we might ask for more information

As an NDIS provider, we are obliged to ensure we claim invoices correctly––otherwise, some claims may not be accepted.

To ensure our processes are accurate––and that we protect everyone’s interests––we have a Compliance Review Team that ensures the appropriate use of funds has occurred and that invoices are filled in correctly. We check that all claims are accurate and include all of the necessary information. We are also required to report any cases of fraud or suspicious behaviour in relation to NDIS funds.

That’s why we may ask for more information before making a payment. This helps to protect you and avoid nasty surprises down the line.

Tips for successful claims

Our best practice tips will help you to minimise typical errors and avoid us having to reach out and query claims. It also helps ensure you get paid as quickly as possible.

For providers, there are some things to keep in mind:

  1. It’s essential to ensure the support is correct––only provide and claim for services in the support category you’re registered for.

  2. It’s necessary to provide all of the information relating to your business. That includes your business name, services provided, and your ABN.

  3. Ensure you’ve used the right support item code using the Support Catalogue which can be found on the NDIS website.

  4. Include the specific amount and timing of services provided––that means the accurate hours, dates, and any weekend fees and no estimates.

  5. Keep your records. It’s important, in the case of an audit, that you keep records of the services you provide, the hours you work, and all of the claims you make.

You can use our checklist included below as a quick guide when claiming.

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NDIS claim checklist

To help you get paid quickly, we’ve created this checklist of items to include when making claims.

Ensure the support is correct
Provide your business name and ABN
Include the hours worked
Include the specific date and times
Include any weekend or after-hours fees as needed
Keep your records in case of additional questions or an audit