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Building community through film  

“I thought I was the only one. Then I watched No Limits and felt less alone.”

For those who experience disability, visibility is essential. Yet, in mainstream media, people with disabilities can be forgotten.

Video on demand website, Disability Busters, is dedicated to bringing stories about life with disability. Presented and produced with and by people who experience disability, the organization’s mission is to build community and identity. 

Through story, Disability Busters is making a difference. 

A career in storytelling 

For founder, award-winning filmmaker, 2010 Churchill Fellow and disability advocate, Sarah Barton, Disability Busters is a labour of love. 

Sarah’s career in filmmaking spans 25+ years starting with her first major film, Untold Desires, in 1994. The film, centred on sexuality and disability, won the first Logie Award for SBS and an AFI Award for the most outstanding documentary.

She’s also known for producing the long-running and well-known TV series, No Limits – a series that struck a chord with many viewers. 

“It’s not uncommon for people to say, ‘I thought I was the only one. Then I watched No Limits and felt less alone’. That means a lot to me,” she said. 

More recently, Sarah produced a feature documentary Defiant Lives. Defiant Lives covers the rise and triumph of fighting for rights in the disability sector. And it not only won awards, but it also screened at the United Nations in New York. It’s a film that Sarah feels has helped change perceptions.


“I do feel Defiant Lives has helped coalesce all the ideas circulating in the disability community. The film serves the work they are doing, helps advocates struggling and striving for rights and equity. It’s a useful tool for disability rights,” she said.  

What is Disability Busters?  

Disability Busters is an online video-on-demand subscription service, housing not-only Sarah’s productions, but a diverse range of films from those in the community. 

Importantly, it’s curated content to tell the most important stories relating to all things disability, mental health, accessibility and equity. 

Working with the disability community to bring content to the screen, Disability Busters strives to give back to the community by increasing the visibility of disabled people and their stories and by developing a revenue stream to invest in production with the community and the acquisition of films by disabled filmmakers.

The content is useful and entertaining not only for those within the disability community but also for the general public. Learn more about viewing the content at disabilitybusters.com

We’re here to help 

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