Enjoying a meaningful (and low-cost) Christmas

Getting together at Christmas can be a joyful time. For those who experience disability though, Christmas can bring challenges too.

The pressure to buy gifts can cause financial stress. And some holiday events aren’t accessible to everyone.

That’s why we’ve come up with some tips to help everyone have an enjoyable holiday period.

1. Allow everyone to be themselves

While it’s great to help participants engage in the local community at Christmas, it’s also important to recognise that not everyone enjoys social interactions.

For this reason, it’s ideal to check in with participants and understand what’s going to be beneficial and what isn’t. Sometimes less is more depending on the person.

That way participants are more likely to feel relaxed and welcome to be themselves.

Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy and engage in the holiday season. With plenty of free events and low-cost gift options, there are many great ways to have festive fun without stress.

2. Consider making your own gifts

We know that Christmas can be expensive –– especially for people on fixed incomes like the disability support pension.

It’s no fun wanting to buy lovely gifts for friends and family but having a limited budget to do so. Fortunately, there’s no need to spend a lot.

Why not embrace homemade or low-cost gifts instead? After all, it’s the thought that counts, not the price tag.

Some low-cost and meaningful ideas include:

  • Writing a song or poem
  • Making fun gifts at home using craft items
  • Using recycled goods to create artwork
  • Gifting plant cuttings or seeds
  • Acts of service – offering to assist someone in a small way

3. Embrace events that are free or low cost

One great thing about the holiday season is attending events. In almost every city and local town across Australia, there are free Christmas events for the community.

Christmas displays, fairs, markets, or parades generally don’t cost a cent and they can be a fun way to celebrate the holidays. Some places even put on outdoor movies for free, many with accessible seats.

Another great option is to explore the local neighbourhood to see if there are any decorated homes nearby.

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