Provider Spotlight: Buttons Support Services

At myAutonomy, we like highlighting providers who are making a difference in the community. One of those great providers is Buttons Support Services.

Buttons are a disability support worker marketplace that connects people with a disability to young support workers in a thoughtful and meaningful way.

The platform makes a difference for many participants.

What do Buttons Support Services do?

Finding the right support workers can be challenging. You need to find someone you can trust, who understands you and the challenges you face, someone with the right experience and someone who can actively help you reach your NDIS goals.

The goal of Buttons Services is to make that process much simpler.

Buttons help create and secure genuine connections between support workers and participants. They do the matchmaking so participants can get the support they need and focus on achieving their personal goals.

Through harnessing the power of youth workers, Buttons aim to find participants a support worker who can not only become a role model but a friend too.

How Buttons Support Services help participants

Once a match is made through Buttons, support workers can provide assistance with daily living activities, independence, access to the community, and social engagement.

By connecting participants with the right support workers, Buttons help to:

  1. Promote increased community participation
  2. Increase social engagement
  3. Increase personal development

How do Buttons Support Services work?

Buttons are for people of all ages who are either self-managed or plan-manged NDIS participants.

The process works through four main steps:

  1. Welcome call –– the matchmaking begins with a welcome call between new participants and Buttons to learn about participants and their personal goals.
  2. Database search – Buttons then search their support worker database for appropriate support workers.
  3. Matchmaking – the Buttons team finds a good match for the participant and then facilitates an introduction to the support worker.
  4. Authentic support – Buttons will also follow up with authentic support to help create ongoing positive relationships.

The service is something that many participants and support workers are benefiting from.

Want to learn more about Buttons Support Services? Visit their website.

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