Getting NDIS provider invoices paid quickly

Getting NDIS provider invoices paid quickly

If you’re a provider working with participants, it’s essential to know how to have your invoices approved and paid faster.

The process remains the same regardless of whether you’re invoicing the participant, the plan manager, or the NDIS.

And if the details aren’t correct, you could have your invoices returned to amend or even rejected down the line. To avoid that, we’ve created this helpful guide to better invoicing.

What does a correct invoice include?

All correct and valid invoices must include the right information. This ensures that the participant, plan manager, and the NDIS understand exactly what services have been provided, at what time, and under which provider.

These are the essential items that should be included on all invoices:

A unique invoice number
Accurate dates (including both the invoice date and the date of the services. Note: an invoice cannot be dated in the future and the service must have already been provided.)
Your Australian Business Number (ABN) and company name
The correct name and NDIS number of the participant
The relevant NDIS line item(s) for service or product (importantly this should be copied directly from the supports category catalogue)
A basic description of the service or product (including units or hours of service delivery)
The total amount owing and GST if included
Details for payment (your BSB, account number and payment terms)
Your contact details (including a telephone number and email address)

Alternatively, use our invoice template to ensure you’re providing all the information necessary.

Keep in mind: that accurate, clear, and detailed invoices are much more likely to be processed smoothly and paid quickly.

How NDIS providers get paid

When it comes to getting paid, the process differs depending on whether the payment is coming through an agency, a plan manager, or the participants themselves.

  • Plan managed participants will have different processes depending on their plan provider. Most plan managers will require the provider to submit their payment details, contact information, a service agreement, and payment turnaround times before getting started. In this case, payments are the responsibility of the plan manager.

  • Self managed participants process payments themselves. The participant will submit your invoice to the NDIS and will either pay you straight away and receive the NDIS reimbursement later. Or they’ll wait for the NDIS payment to come through before paying the invoice.

  • Agency managed participants require you, as the provider, to be NDIS registered. Once the service has been delivered, you make a claim to the NDIS via the Provider Portal, and the NDIS pays you directly.

We make invoicing simple

At myAutonomy, we make the process simple for everyone. We pay invoices quickly––send us your completed invoice by 12 pm and we’ll process it on the same day!

Have a query? Our friendly team is only too happy to help out. Get in touch on 1300 60 33 89 or at [email protected].