Provider Spotlight_ Flow Support

Provider Spotlight: Flow Support

We enjoy highlighting providers dedicated to helping participants achieve their goals.

Flow Support is one such provider that offers Support Coordination and other services to increase participants’ quality of life. We spoke to the team to learn more about how they make a difference for participants.

Who is Flow Support?

At Flow Support, we’re dedicated to increasing the quality of life for those living with physical and psychosocial disabilities by providing personalised support coordination, psychosocial recovery coaching and counselling for participants on the NDIS.

How did Flow Support come to be?

Flow Support blossomed in 2022 after Chanel, our managing director, took a leap into the unknown and was determined to create a safe haven for those on the NDIS and for the carers supporting those on the NDIS.

Flow Support is built on the beautiful community around it. Fostering trust, open communication, and drive to continue to upskill in the ever-changing environment around it.

Which regions does Flow Support, service?

Flow Support proudly services Australia nationwide.

What is the Flow Support difference?

Flow Support is a small community of dedicated and passionate individuals who believe that there is a choice to provide quality service and care. Each day we choose to do just that. We choose to care for our participants as the equal individuals that they are. Not numbers or labels.

We choose to support and build capacity where it is able. We don’t believe in enabling or preventing someone from reaching their true potential.

We choose to give back to the community and help others as we believe in supporting human beings as a whole and we are thankful to be able to extend support to individuals where we can.

Do you have capacity?

Flow Support currently has capacity in Support Coordination, Psychosocial Recovery Coaching and Counselling.

What’s the best way to get in touch?

We have an enquiry form located on our website for direct referrals or questions that you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.