How does Short-Term Accommodation work?

With Easter approaching, it’s the ideal time to cover the most important details about Short-Term Accommodation (STA)/respite.

As you may be aware, in March 2022, the NDIS funding allowance for STA changed significantly. What was known as respite is now STA –– and, importantly, it’s much more limited than it was previously.

We created this guide to help you know what qualifies and what doesn’t. For more information, you can also visit the NDIS website.

What is STA/respite?

STA provides a chance for a participant’s usual carers to take a break from caring.

It’s something that funding is only available for in some limited circumstances.

What qualifies as STA?

Firstly, it’s important to note that STA is very different from taking a holiday. To be considered STA, all the following must be provided during the stay (as part of a bundled rate):

  • personal care
  • accommodation
  • food
  • activities
  • transport

There are other factors too that need to be considered too:

  • The requirement for STA must relate specifically to a participant’s disability.
  • Usually, STA is held in a group setting where 24-hour support is provided. An exception may apply where there’s an important reason for care to be one-on-one.
  • As with funding for other supports, qualifying for STA will also need to link to a goal in the participant’s plan
  • Having STA will also need to be considered reasonable and necessary by the NDIS

How does a holiday differ?

A holiday is a break from home that doesn’t require meals, personal care, and activities to be included. Holidays aren’t covered by the NDIS. There may be provision, though, to gain access to supports –– such as assistance with personal care, or access to equipment hire.

How can I tell the difference between holidays and STA?

We know it can be a little tricky to know the difference between STA and a typical holiday. These examples will help illustrate the differences.


  • A participant on a themed trip organized by an experience company –– all travel, accommodation, activities, and meals are covered and listed in the plan goals.
  • A participant staying in a group home facility for a week that offers 24-hour care, meals, accommodation, and group activities.

A holiday:

  • A participant spending a week in an Airbnb with their family.
  • A participant staying in a hotel for a long weekend –– they do not require a support worker, meals, or activities.

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