How to ensure invoices are paid

At myAutonomy, it’s our goal to help participants thrive. That’s why we’re focussed on ensuring that NDIS funding can be used in the best and most effective way to maximise supports.

As an NDIS provider, we have to comply with all NDIA requirements. One of those is accurate invoicing.

If a provider or a participant sends us invoices that don’t have enough information or raise cause for concern, we might not be able to pay them. To avoid this happening, we’ve created this guide to illustrate what is and isn’t going to be accepted.


Why it’s essential to provide detailed invoices

Not having accurate invoices can have some serious repercussions.

Since the beginning of this year, the NDIA Compliance Review Team has been increasing its review of payments that are considered unusual.

When making such a review they have uncontestable rights to reverse payments and recover funds that they feel do not meet NDIS funding guidelines.

This has resulted in participants and providers returning money, sometimes 12 months after the event, which places undue stress and financial strain on all parties.


What myAutonomy is doing to help

To ensure providers and participants are protected, we undertake our own internal risk evaluation.

To do this, we may seek additional information to help ensure the Compliance Review Team will agree that the appropriate use of funds has occurred.

That’s why we might seek to understand a little bit more about your invoices.


How to invoice correctly – and avoid the risk 

To ensure invoices are processed promptly, it’s helpful to include key information.

At a minimum, invoices need to contain these specific details:

  • The name of your business, or your name if a sole trader
  • ABN
  • The participant’s Name and NDIS number
  • A clear description of services provided
  • The relevant NDIS Item code for each service
  • A breakdown of hours worked per person each day
  • Specific dates and times that services were provided
  • The rates being charged per hour, or per item
  • If there are more than one staff member, how many and how many hours for each?


For best practice, use our invoice template.

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