Hydrotherapy - What to look out for

Hydrotherapy: What to look out for

When looking for NDIS providers, it’s essential to know what to look out for and understand what questions to ask. This helps ensure you’ll find the right providers for you – ones that suit your wants and needs.

Hydrotherapy has gained popularity in recent years. For some it can mean being able to complete exercises and movement they otherwise wouldn’t. We caught up with the team at ME Physio to explore hydrotherapy, what it is, and what to look out for when choosing a therapist.

What is hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is an alternative treatment method where exercises are completed in water. The warmth and buoyancy of the water can make it easier to exercise by helping to reduce pain and stiffness while you exercise.

Additional equipment such as pool dumbbells or steps can be used to make exercises challenging and variable.

Who is the typical patient/ participant?

Hydrotherapy can be especially effective for conditions including chronic and long-standing pain, osteoarthritic/other arthritic conditions, complex conditions, and for participants who would like an alternative form of exercise.

How does it benefit?

Hydrotherapy utilises the benefits of the warmth and buoyancy of the water to reduce pain and stiffness whilst you exercise. The warmth of the water allows for increased blood flow which results in increased muscle heat, muscle activation, and power.

Additionally, the water buoyancy helps to reduce body weight, making the exercises easier to complete. With the water sitting at around “belly button height” the water buoyancy allows for 50% of your body weight to be alleviated off your joints. This allows you to do exercises that you may otherwise not be able to do on land due to pain, stiffness or weakness.

What should a participant, nominee or support coordinator be looking for in a hydrotherapy provider?

Based on our experience working with participants and nominees, the below are the key things that participants ought to consider when choosing a provider.

The provider should have:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the benefits of hydrotherapy for various conditions.

  • Individualised exercise programming targeting participant goals.

  • Experience working with NDIS participants and the NDIS.

  • Safe processes for when the participant meets the physiotherapist and when they enter the pool.

  • Accessible entry into the pool. This can include ramps, hoists and/or waterproof wheelchairs.

  • Efficient and accurate accounts and reporting.

What questions should a participant or nominee ask a hydrotherapy provider as part of the selection process?

Some helpful questions to ask are:

  • “What disability-friendly and accessible services does the pool have?”

  • “Is there currently a waitlist for hydrotherapy appointments?”

  • “How does hydrotherapy benefit?”

  • “What is the process for ensuring you can meet my needs?”

  • “What do I need to bring to my appointments?”

  • “Do you have experience in working with NDIS participants?

Can you describe ME Physio?

At ME Physio we’re focused on helping participants be their best. Our passion drives our commitment, as we believe happiness is a stronger, healthier ME. We provide various services including physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, supervised exercise programs, and podiatry.

Our dedicated team collaborates closely with participants and their care team to deliver services aligned with the NDIS plan, fostering a personalised and effective approach to care.

Our hydrotherapy program is conducted in the purpose-built hydrotherapy pool at Harold Holt Swim Centre. We offer one-on-one appointments with a physiotherapist, who will be in the pool with you for the entirety of your appointment.

What’s the best way to get in touch?

Please reach out to our friendly Client Experience Team on 9571 6888.

They will promptly provide you with information regarding booking and preparing for your initial appointment.

To learn more about our ME Physio services, please visit our website at www.mephysio.com.au