Provider Spotlight- Pacific Supports & Mentoring

Provider Spotlight: Pacific Supports & Mentoring

At myAutonomy, we enjoy highlighting providers that are making a difference in the community––especially those that truly care about their clients.

Pacific Supports & Mentoring offers support workers to participants to help them with everything from daily tasks to building connections with the community.

We spoke to Nate Peteru, Founder & Managing Director to discover more about their work.

Can you tell us about your organisation?

Pacific Supports is a support worker agency. We offer all services within the support worker role from assistance with living to community access with an emphasis on youth and mentoring.

We take pride in being a disability support service provider that truly cares about our clients. At Pacific Supports & Mentoring, we specialise in supporting individuals encompassing a range of needs, and our honest and transparent approach allows us to go above and beyond for our clients.

How did Pacific Supports come to be?

Retiring from professional Rugby league gradually led me down the path to the disability sector.

I was inspired to create an agency and company with a point of difference and create a space where I could truly bring together a group of like-minded people set on impact and change.

Which regions do Pacific Supports look after?

We offer supports in NSW and QLD.

What is the Pacific Supports difference?

We have a person-centred approach, based on patience and understanding. Most importantly, our support workers have real-world experiences in different careers before coming on board with us. I’ve found this is key to proclaiming a point of difference and providing a valuable service.

Being a former professional athlete we naturally attract that personnel. Our support workers with athletic backgrounds have a lot of transferable skills and core values that can be valuable in this industry.

What’s the best way to get in touch?

Please reach out to learn about how our specialised services for both the disability and youth sectors can support you and your needs.

Get in touch through our website.