Making the most of your Core Supports

Making the most of Core Supports

Having an NDIS plan can have a huge impact, but understanding how that plan works can be the difference between thriving or not.

It’s our goal to help participants get the most out of their plans––so they can have the best quality of life possible and can use their funding in the ways that benefit them the most.

To ensure participants know how to best use Core Supports, we’ve created this guide to answer some of the most commonly asked questions.

What support budgets are in my plan?

There are three main budget types funded by the NDIS that may be included in your plan.

These are:

  • Core Supports budget
  • Capacity Building Supports budget
  • Capital Supports budget

What’s included in Core Supports?

Core supports are related to everyday activities and daily living and they help you to work towards goals set out in your plan.

Core Supports include four categories of support:

  • Consumables
  • Daily activities
  • Assistance with social and community participation
  • Transport

The Core Supports budget is the most flexible and it enables you to move funding around all of the categories depending on needs. This means you have the freedom to make changes with your supports if you need to, to cover the duration of your plan.

What are some examples of Core Supports?

Core Supports are broad and encompass many different products and services.

Some examples include:

  • Assistance with household cleaning
  • Assistance with meals
  • Assistance with yard maintenance
  • Everyday pharmacy items
  • Low-cost assistive technology items

What other considerations apply?

Regardless of what funding category, it’s important to remember that all supports must meet certain tests.

Where you can spend your funding depends on what is ‘reasonable and necessary’ to meet and pursue your goals. Any funding must also relate to the disability.

Discover more information about funding categories on the NDIS website and in our guide to your first plan.

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