Making the most of provider marketplaces

Making the most of provider marketplaces

Experiencing disability can mean needing support services to help boost quality of life and make independent living easier. But finding the right supports to help you thrive can be a tricky process.

We’ve taken a closer look at three marketplaces, Kismet, Kynd and Kiddo, which all offer unique services to help find the right support for you!

Let’s dive in and see how they can make life easier.

Find providers with


The right service provider should be appropriate for the disability you experience, located in or near your area, and it should, ideally, be a person or people that you click with.

This is where Kismet can help. Kismet improves access to disability and healthcare services by providing a platform of supports. Kismet can help participants create a shortlist of relevant service providers (which are verified and have availability) within 48 hours.

Whether it’s access to an Occupational Therapist, Behavioural support, Physiotherapy, or Counselling, Kismet has providers that likely suit your needs.

Book support workers with


Support workers can be critical for those who experience disability. Support workers play many essential roles––including personal care, help in the home, meal preparation and social assistance. Finding the right support worker, someone who’s not only verified, skilled and professional, but someone who you feel comfortable with, can take time.

That’s where Kynd can help. Kynd helps participants find, compare, book, and manage support workers.

On Kynd it’s simple to browse support worker profiles, interview candidates, choose the right people for you, and then manage that team of people with a booking schedule.

Supports for children with


To make the role of finding support workers and carers for children easier, Kiddo helps connect parents to the right supports for their kids.

Helping children with and without NDIS plans, Kiddo connects children with local and verified child-focussed NDIS Support workers.

To get started with Kiddo, parents can enter the days and times they need carers, see which carers are available and match their needs, and then choose the right person for their child. Invoices are also sent directly from Kiddo to your plan manager for faster, simpler payments.

We’re here to help

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