Provider Spotlight: First Step Solutions

Provider Spotlight: First Step Solutions

A common issue among those who experience disability is a lack of education about consent, sexual health, and safety.

First Step Solutions are helping to change that for participants. Via a dedicated program, they teach participants about boundaries, consent, self-awareness, and intimacy.

We spoke to the team to learn more about the service they offer.

Who are First Step Solutions?

We work to create a world where people with disabilities are armed with the knowledge, understanding and confidence to make informed decisions.

First Step Solutions is made up of our Director, Cheryl, Ebony our Operations Manager and Business Unicorn, a superstar admin team and amazing counsellors, psychologists and sexologists.

We all share a passion for providing crucial education to people with disability and encouraging safe and healthy social connections.

How did First Step Solutions come to be?

First Step Solutions started with a Financial Literacy program. Through talking about weekly spending with NDIS participants, we discovered it is common for participants to get scammed – in one case a whopping $160,000.

We also noticed participants would mention having online people coming over to their houses. It was evident that there was very little understanding of boundaries, consent, and safety.

With no relevant programs to be found, we pulled together a team of Psychologists, Sexologists and Counsellors and The Date-Ability Program was developed.

It consists of a six-week education program guiding participants through:

  • Boundaries and consent

  • Self-awareness and advocacy

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Staying safe online

  • Self-care and handling rejection

  • Sexual well-being, health and intimacy

In which regions is the program available?

We offer the program in SA, WA, QLD, NSW and VIC.

What is the First Step difference?

Our programs and Allied Health Professional team are unique.

We are passionate and driven to bridge the gap where there is a lack of education and where participants are at risk. We want to start those uncomfortable conversations and do our part to remove stigmas.

Do you have capacity?

Yes! We run programs in several locations in each state, continuously. So there is always

What’s the best way to get in touch?

Give us a call! Our Business Unicorn, Ebony, is always keen for a chat if you think The Date-Ability program or others align with your goals. Call on 1800 577 370.

Our team can also be emailed to [email protected] and referrals for all programs are through our website.