NDIS plans: self-managed vs plan managed

For those who experience disability, having the right NDIS plan is critical. Correctly managing that plan, though, can take work.

While most people choose to have a plan manager assist, the NDIA does allow participants to manage their own plans if they prefer.

In this article, we’re diving into the pros and cons of self-managing a plan vs going through a provider.

What if I prefer to self-manage?

Some participants may like to maintain complete control over their NDIS plans and self-manage. If you self-manage the primary benefit vs. plan-managed is.

  • No NDIS Price Guide –– you’re not limited to the requirements in the pricing guide, allowing you to choose from a broader range of providers.

The downsides of self-management

With a broad range of funding buckets, various providers to pay, and NDIA rules to navigate, it can be a lot for someone to manage without professional guidance. Anecdotally, the feedback is that it can vary between 10 – 15 hours a fortnight of effort for a participant or their nominee to manage.

One of the most challenging aspects of self-management is the large amount of admin you’ll need to do on your own. This admin includes:

  • Paying your providers in an efficient and timely way, using your own money
  • Lodging claims to the NDIA and waiting for payment
  • Starting a new bank account to manage your NDIS funds
  • Selecting and managing your own provider’s booking services and setting up provider agreements
  • Managing your entire plan budget without budgeting assistance from a plan manager
  • Keeping financial records including receipts and invoices

It’s important to keep in mind, self-managing is best when the participant or their loved one is highly-financially confident and skilled.

The benefits of plan management

Having a plan manager can take the hassle out of plan management. Your plan manager can take care of your admin so you don’t have to. This grants you much more time to focus on your goals or, as a carer, spend more quality time with your participant.

At myAutonomy, for example, we take care of your budget planning to avoid over or underspending. We can let you know at any time how much funding you have left in which category. We also keep track of your financial records and efficiently pay your providers for you.

We can also help you navigate the NDIS, in particular helping you understand whether a support meets the NDIS ‘reasonable and necessary’ test to avoid any surprises down the line.
It’s simpler plan management to save you time.

We’re here to help

We help you get the most out of your plan –– all so you can better reach your goals.

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