NDIS pricing guide

We know how tricky NDIS pricing and funding can be to understand. That’s why we created this two-part funding-focused series to take the confusion out of the process.

In part one we covered the basics of NDIS funding categories. Now we’re diving into NDIS pricing and the most common pricing codes that you’ll encounter.

Here’s what you need to know.

The NDIS Pricing Arrangements

All pricing codes and information are set out on the NDIS website in the Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits, and are current for March, 2023.

These limits are set out for good reason –– they help ensure that participants are receiving value for money when they are offered supports. Price limits are the maximum a provider can charge under each price code, though a participant can negotiate a lower price.

Daily living pricing codes

In daily living supports the common things that are included are self-care, household tasks like cleaning and laundry, and house maintenance among others.

The most commonly used daily living pricing codes include:

  • Assistance with Self Care Activities weekday daytime: $62.17 hr [01 011 0107 1 1]
  • Assistance with Self Care Activities weekday evening: $68.50 hr [01 015 0107 1 1]
  • Assistance with Self Care Activities Saturday: $87.51 hr [01 013 0107 1 1]
  • Assistance with Self Care Activities Sunday: $112.85 hr [01 014 0107 1 1]
  • House Cleaning and Other Household Activities: $51.81 hr [01 020 0120 1 1]
  • House and/or Yard Maintenance (gardening): $50.87 hr [01 019 0120 1 1]

Keep in mind: it’s always essential to check the latest pricing on the NDIS website.

Social and community participation pricing codes

The NDIS also provides funding for supports that help participants to engage with the community, socialise, and meet people with similar interests.

This ensures that people who experience disability can be part of and contribute to the community. It also helps participants to feel included and connected to others.

Some of the more commonly used social and community participation codes are:

  • Community Social & Recreation Activities Weekday daytime: $62.17 hr [04 104 0125 6 1]
  • Access Community Social & Recreation Activities weekday evening: $68.50 hr [04 103 0125 6 1]
  • Access Community Social & Recreation Activities Saturday: $87.51 hr [04 105 0125 6 1]
  • Access Community Social & Recreation Activities Sunday: $112.85 hr [04 106 0125 6 1]

Supports with no pricing limit

There are also some supports that do not have specific pricing limits. In these cases, there’s an expectation from the NDIS that the participant and provider agree on a reasonable price for the support.

Often categories of support have “notional unit price” guidelines. These are explained in the NDIS Support Catalogue. In cases of Assistive Technology or Home Modifications, for example, while there’s not a specific pricing limit, there are unit price guides set out in the ATHM and Consumables Code Guide.

It’s always important to remember that any supports must be considered reasonable and necessary.

How we can help

We know that understanding pricing codes and limits can be challenging. Having your NDIS plan managed by us means that we can help you identify how much funding you have left for each category.

We can discuss opportunities to spend on consumables and services and how to get the most out of your funding.

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