Provider Spotlight: Sunshine Wellness

At Sunshine Wellness, the difference is people. Instead of having a fast-paced mentality with too many clients, Sunshine Wellness is focused on quality over quantity.

At myAutonomy we’re big fans of boutique companies that think of customers as individuals, not numbers.

So we caught up with the team at Sunshine Wellness to learn more about what they do and how they help participants.

1. What is Sunshine Wellness?

Sunshine Coast Wellness is a Sunshine Coast-based allied health company that believes in servicing clients to achieve their goals in an ethical and efficient manner.

2. How did Sunshine Wellness come to be?

Sunshine Coast Wellness was the result of three practitioners wanting to offer a better service to their clients. Instead of being tied into a 15-client per day, five-days per-week model with a high
burnout rate, we wished to create a client and practitioner-centered service to enable us to deliver best practices.

We have many years of experience in a broad range of conditions predominantly musculoskeletal and neurological. Now with a new vibrant space, we can better serve children and ASD-diagnosed participants.

3. Which regions does Sunshine Wellness service?

We service in-home from Bribie Island to Gympie and Kenilworth. We offer in-clinic services in our neuro space in Maroochydore and a satellite clinic in Nambour.

4. What’s the Sunshine Wellness difference?

Our difference is people. We pride ourselves on being real people. We love building relationships. And we create a positive atmosphere so that our clients look forward to and enjoy attending.

We’re a small boutique business without the churn-and-burn mentality of client-in-client-out.

Instead, we have the freedom to get to know people, go for a coffee afterward or check out that new Lego kit they’ve been making for the last week.

5. Do you have capacity?

Currently, we have capacity across all three disciplines (Remedial massage, Physiotherapy and
Exercise Physiology) both in-clinic and at-home visits with male and female practitioners.

6. What’s the best way for a participant, their nominee, or a Support Coordinator to get in

Head over to our website to learn more, book an appointment, give us a call, or log an inquiry. You can phone us on 0422301812, and you’ll find us on Facebook.

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