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Professional development for Support Coordinators

Support Coordinator Training in Australia

Support Coordinators are the lifeblood of disability support. And for people who experience disability, support coordinators play a critical role.

As a Support Coordinator, you’re often the key support person in a participant’s life. We know that the role is a wide-reaching one: managing funding and budgets, establishing services through various service providers, negotiating with key stakeholders surrounding the participant and their plan, and importantly, navigating the NDIS.

Taking time for your own development, when doing a role that is so focused on others, is important. That’s why professional development is something we recommend. Professional development can ensure you gain additional knowledge, information and resources to streamline your role.

Here are some organisations that offer professional development to Support Coordinators:

Support Coordination Academy

The Support Coordination Academy provides specific support coordinator training in Australia, with tools to deeply understand the role and help you thrive for the long term. With training, coaching support, budgeting assistance, professional consulting, free courses and a support coordination community, there’s relevant information regardless of experience level.

The Academy offers services across Australia and more information can be found here

DSC Training

DSC is a Support Coordinator training and consulting body, specialising in simplifying working with the NDIS. With a range of training modules, webinars, and workshops, DSC’s goal is to simplify processes for those within the disability sector. They believe that navigating the NDIS should be simple for coordinators.

We love their motto: We eat NDIS detail so you don’t have to. 

Find out more about DSC here

Summer Foundation

The Summer Foundation is an organisation committed to helping young people avoid being forced into residential care by helping them access the support they need. As part of this commitment, the Summer Foundation provides training and resources for support coordinators.

With UpSkill, coordinators are able to access a range of services. With online and in-person training, access to free resources, and an online community, there’s plenty of opportunity for professional development and support.

Find out more about what the Summer Foundation offers to support coordinators.

Other places to source Professional Development:

There are many more places where you can find professional development, and we’d love to hear from you about your experiences with training in the disability sector.

We’re here to help

At myAutonomy, we know that the role of Support Coordinator can be a challenging one. That’s why we’re here to help Support Coordinators thrive.

We’re always on hand to offer advice, answer questions you may have, help out with challenging tasks like budgeting and share ideas for professional development.

Get in touch today to see how we can help make your role easier. Email us at [email protected] or call us on 1300 60 33 89.