Provider Spotlight- Cognitive Consultancy Company

Provider Spotlight: Cognitive Consultancy Company

Psychology can be a critical service for many people to help improve and protect their mental health and quality of life.

Providers like Cognitive Consultancy Company offer services not just to NDIS participants but also to workers in the NDIS field.

We spoke to the team to learn more about their important work.

Can you tell us about your organisation?

Cognitive Consultancy Company specialise in face-to-face group-based therapy for NDIS participants, carers of participants, support workers and Allied Health Professionals.

We at Cognitive Consultancy Company are driven by care. Care for our colleagues and care for our clients.

How did your organisation come to be?

Our organisation was developed during COVID-19. Our founder, and Principal Psychologist, Dayle Johnson recognised that mental health deterioration was being exacerbated by Victorians not being allowed to leave their home, or being limited to the time they were allowed out of their home to socialise.

As such, Cognitive Consultancy Company was developed as a means for all Victorians to continue being able to access psychological support, by way of telehealth sessions.

Which regions does your organisation look after?

We cover all regions within Australia through telehealth.

What’s your organisation’s difference in the market?

As far as our organisation is aware, no or very few companies offer the same support to the carers of participants as they do the participants themselves.

Cognitive Consultancy Company takes a personalised, caring, honest and genuine approach to its services. This, coupled with a genuine ambition to leave session participants with more self-care knowledge, offers a point of difference.

What’s the best way to get in touch?

We’d love to hear from you.
Phone: 03 8652 1903
Email: [email protected]