Making the most of your NDIS funding

Making the most of your NDIS funding

The right NDIS plan can be essential for reaching your goals and improving your quality of life.

If you’re not making the most of your funds though, you may not be getting the support you need, nor reaching your milestones.

To help you make the most of your funds, we’ve created this helpful guide to getting more from your funding.

Finding the right supports

It’s helpful to keep in mind that NDIS plans revolve around goals. So, setting the right goals and choosing supports that will help you achieve those goals is important.

Supports that are suitable for you will relate specifically to your goals and won’t be too general. To ensure that this happens, it’s best to work with your Support Coordinator to find the providers that are going to really help you progress.

If learning to prepare meals independently, for example, is a goal in your plan, it’s important to choose a personal care provider that will help you achieve that specific goal.

Consider different funding categories

Your NDIS plan will likely have different funding categories. To make the most of those funds, it’s important to use your allowance in meaningful ways from all of the categories.

This will help ensure you’re being supported in all the ways you need. If you leave funds underspent in one or more categories, it could impact the funding you gain in the future.

Not using your funds from some categories is a good indicator that you’re not working towards your goals. It could also be a sign that you’re not gaining sufficient support to thrive.

Check your funding regularly

Although dealing with finances can be intimidating, it’s important to stay across your funds to understand how your budget is tracking. This can also help you keep track of your goals and access your supports.

Fortunately, at myAutonomy, we help you keep track of budgeting to ensure you’re always getting the best out of your plan. You can also use the Brevity App to help see your budget and we’ll send monthly statements so that you can see what’s been paid from your plan in that month.

Our Plan Specialists are also here to assist––so do get in touch if you have questions.

We’re a call away

At myAutonomy, we’re committed to helping all of our participants to thrive and that includes helping you make the most of your funding.

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