Provider Spotlight- GRP Speech Pathology

Provider Spotlight: GRP Speech Pathology

Speech pathology can be essential for some who experience disability. Having access to providers like GRP Speech Pathology can make all the difference.

With a genuine desire to create a space where individuals of all ages can receive high-quality care, the GRP team are helping many participants to thrive.

We caught up with them to learn more about the services they offer in the NDIS space.

Who are GRP Speech Pathology?

GRP Speech Pathology is a mobile speech pathology company that provides evidence-based, quality assured and holistic Speech Pathology services to people with a diverse range of communication and swallowing challenges.

Our team is highly experienced in conducting assessments, writing comprehensive reports and formulating functional therapy plans to ensure everyone’s communication potential is exposed and quality of life is optimised.

As a team, it’s our mission to find unique solutions to empower people to reach their full potential.

How did GRP Speech Pathology?

GRP Speech Pathology emerged from the vision of its founder, Gabriella Ptasznik, a highly dedicated and passionate Speech Pathologist. Driven by a deep commitment to improving functional communication and swallowing outcomes for individuals facing communication challenges, Gabriella established GRP Speech Pathology with the belief that personalised, functional and evidence-based therapy could make a transformative impact on people’s lives.

The journey began with Gabriella’s extensive clinical experience, local and international experience, and a genuine desire to create a space where individuals of all ages could receive high-quality Speech Pathology services tailored to their unique needs.

Over the past almost seven years, GRP Speech Pathology has grown into a trusted and reputable local company known for its innovative approaches, compassionate care, and positive outcomes, reflecting the dedication and expertise of its founder and the entire GRP team.

Which regions does GRP Speech Pathology look after?

GRP is a mobile service that services; Metropolitan Melbourne, Bendigo (Strathfieldsaye and Huntly) and Geelong. GRP also has an innovative and experienced Telehealth team to ensure that all clients have access to quality care.

What is the GRP difference?

At GRP we push boundaries and see capacity over impairment to leverage the most functional and meaningful outcomes to ensure that every person is exposing their absolute communication potential and achieving their goals.

What’s the best way to get in touch?