How do I start the NDIS process

How do I start the NDIS process? Your step-by-step guide

Getting started with the NDIS can be overwhelming at first. It can be tricky deciphering NDIA rules and regulations, deciding how to manage your NDIS plan, and knowing what steps to take.

That’s why we’ve created this helpful guide to walk you through your first NDIS plan –– from applying for funding to setting goals and choosing a plan manager. This is everything you need to know to get started.

Am I eligible for an NDIS plan?

To be eligible for an NDIS plan, there are a few requirements you’ll need to meet. These include:

  • Being aged between 9 and 65

  • Having a disability caused by a permanent impairment (including intellectual, cognitive, neurological, sensory, physical, or psychosocial disabilities)

  • Needing disability-specific help to complete daily activities

Discover more about eligibility via the NDIS website.

Keep in mind: if you’re currently relying on informal supports (through friends and family) or equipment to do daily activities, then you could be eligible for an NDIS plan.

Applying for an NDIS plan

To effectively apply for an NDIS plan, it can be helpful to follow these best practice steps:

  1. Download an Access Request Form from the NDIS website

  2. Complete the form alongside your GP or other medical professional (this will help bolster the application)

  3. Include evidence of a permanent disability (things like specialist reports, medication lists, and diagnostic reports)

  4. Send across the submission to the NDIS via email or post.

For more, download our eBook which walks you through your NDIS application.

Setting NDIS goals

If your application is approved, you’ll then have a planning meeting to set goals and consider the supports you’ll need.

To ensure you receive a plan that works well for you, it’s important to bring all the necessary information to this meeting. That means considering all the ways you currently need support.

Goals are an important aspect of creating your NDIS plan. That’s because any supports you may request will be considered in relation to the goals you have set out in your plan.

Therefore, it’s important to set goals that will cover your needs and help you to thrive throughout the plan.

Find out more about goal setting in our handy guide.

Choosing how to manage your plan

Once you have a plan it’s also important to decide how you’ll manage that plan. You can self-manage an NDIS plan, manage through the NDIA, or have a plan manager support you.

Participants often choose to have a plan manager assist as it can save plenty of admin and financial stress.

If you do choose to manage on your own, you’ll need to be financially savvy, happy to lodge provider claims on your own and be continually up-to-date with all of the NDIA’s rules and regulations.

Choosing a plan manager

If you choose to go with a plan manager, there are some key things to look out for. Here are some questions you can ask yourself when making the choice:

  • Is this plan manager accessible and contactable?

  • Do they pay invoices promptly?

  • Are they personable and helpful?

  • Does it feel as though they want to help me reach my goals?

  • Will they offer clarity about what can and can’t be funded?

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