Provider Spotlight Inclusive Minds

Provider Spotlight: Inclusive Minds

At myAutonomy, we know that support coordinators are the lifeblood of participant success.

Among other things, coordinators help participants find the right supports to thrive on their NDIS plan. And the right coordinator can be the difference between thriving on a plan or not.

We caught up with one of our support coordinators to find out more about their role, how they help participants succeed, and how quality care can lead to improved quality of life.

Can you tell us about Inclusive Minds?

Inclusive Minds is a support service that is there for all of the participant’s connection and coordination needs.

Whether it may be support coordination, psychosocial recovery coaching, support connection or
community service, we assist participants without funding to get them the most out of their NDIS pathway.

Inclusive Minds was created to provide quality care for participants to enjoy the life they deserve.

How did Inclusive Minds come to be?

Working in various sectors of the NDIS we observed great service providers. We noticed that there was a gap for a complete coordination service to cover all aspects and focus on participants to help them achieve their goals.

Which regions does Inclusive Minds service?

Inclusive Minds was created to support you with your needs. Wherever you are, we are able to provide you with the best service possible

Although we generally concentrate on western, northern, and regional areas of Melbourne, we are not limited to these areas and will support participants wherever they may be via telehealth.

What’s the Inclusive Minds difference?

As a point of difference, we remain connected and supportive even after the funding has been utilised.

We make it our mission to serve the community and support participants with their NDIS pathway with or without funding to ensure they gain the support they need––especially when they have no idea where to turn for help.

We feel a coordination service should be transparent and dedicated––and that’s exactly what we offer. We offer our time without obligations or expectations.

We also bring the right experience. Having supported numerous participants and families as a former local area coordinator, a support coordinator and a recovery coach––we know what it takes to help participants thrive!

Do you have capacity?

Although newly established, Inclusive Minds has many years of experience and we have the capacity to take on new participants. With a focus on your well-being, we will do all we can to have you best supported.

What’s the best way to get in touch?

We’re more than happy for participants, or nominees to reach out via phone or email––whichever suits them best.

You can learn more about Inclusive Minds via our website, connect via email at [email protected], or call 0481 567 981.

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