NDIS meals: who’s eligible and how does it work?

NDIS meals: who’s eligible and how does it work?

For some who experience disability, meal planning, shopping, and preparation can be challenging.

To help, the NDIS grants funding for meal services in some cases. This may cover either meal preparation or a meal delivery service that delivers cooked food straight to a participant’s door.

Which participants are eligible and how does the process work? Let’s dive in.

What’s covered by the NDIS?

It’s important to know: not all participants are eligible for meal-related supports. Some criteria must be met to have meal preparation and/or meal supports included.

To be eligible meal supports must be:

  • Considered “reasonable and necessary
  • Or, specifically mentioned in a participant’s plan
  • Or, approved by a LAC or plannerHow does the NDIA decide who’s eligible?

    To decipher whether a participant is eligible, there are some things the NDIA will take into account.

    These considerations include:

    • Whether the disability prevents a participant from shopping, cooking, or cleaning up after preparing a meal.
    • Whether the support is value for money weighing up the benefits of the service and the cost of alternatives.
    • Whether the support will help an individual pursue their goals and whether the support relates to a specific goal in the participant’s plan.

    To learn more about food and meal preparation requirements visit the NDIS website.

    How do I engage with providers?

    For additional guidance, we can help you understand whether meal preparation or a delivery service could be included in your plan.

    If you’re eligible, you can then work with your support coordinator to find an appropriate provider to meet your needs.

    We’re here to help

    One of our core attributes is remaining curious to see how a support may relate to a participant’s plan. It’s all part of our goal to help participants thrive on their NDIS plan.

    We’re here to help you achieve your goals through fast and effective plan management.

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