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Will the NDIS fund it? Yes or no?

For people who experience disability, there are many products, services, and supports that a person might be interested in.

Not all of those supports, however, are necessarily going to be funded within an NDIS plan. The question of ‘will the NDIS fund it?’ can be a tricky one to answer.

We’ve put together this handy guide with some general tips on NDIS funding to help take the confusion out.

For more information, we also recommend checking out the NDIS website.

1. Does this support relate to the disability?

The first question to ask yourself is whether the desired support relates to the disability. You can’t gain funding for items on your NDIS plan that don’t relate to the disability.

2. Does this support help you achieve your goals?

Any supports funded under an NDIS plan must also relate specifically to a goal in your plan.

A yoga class, for example, might be funded if it relates to a goal to increase independence through improved balance and mobility.

3. Is this support better funded elsewhere?

The NDIS doesn’t cover all supports even if they relate to a goal. That’s because they may be better funded elsewhere––such as under a dental plan, through Medicare, or via the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

4. Is the support value for money?

Before deciding whether to fund a support, the NDIA will consider whether the support is value for money. To see whether it is, it’s helpful to consider other related services and how they compare in cost.

The NDIA will also consider how a purchase may impact needs for future supports over time. Having an iPad to access remote healthcare, for example, may reduce the need for travel costs over time and therefore could be considered good value for money.

5. What budget will this relate to?

It’s also necessary to consider which budget category the support will come out of. This will depend on what the support is and how much it costs.

6. Do you have a letter of support?

A letter of support is a statement written by an allied health professional. The letter adds weight to a claim for funding.

The letter can help clarify how the item or service being requested helps overcome the impact of the disability and states that their NDIS funds should be used.

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