Provider Spotlight: Kiddo App

We’re always keen to showcase providers who are doing great things in the community. Kiddo App is one of those key organisations.

Kiddo App connects parents to babysitters and nannies for children. Kiddo is also an NDIS support service providing child-focused Support Workers.

The app is making a difference for many parents.

What does Kiddo do?

Kiddo helps parents by giving them more freedom and time –– connecting them to local, trustworthy carers for children.

Kiddo began as a babysitting, and nanny platform. Now with over 25,000 users on the platform, Kiddo has expanded into NDIS care for children. Currently, Kiddo has 8,500+ child-focused carers across Australia.

The organization is national, with all states covered except Northern Territory and Tasmania.

Why Kiddo is great for parents and Support Coordinators?

Kiddo is designed with parents in mind –– helping give them more flexibility to find care for their children.

Kiddo NDIS Support workers are respectful, disability-focused, patient and experienced in child care.

Some of Kiddo’s benefits include:

  • Kiddo makes it easy to match carers to children
  • Kiddo can assist with one-off care or ongoing regular care
  • With thousands of child-focussed carers, parents are matched with the best carer for their child’s needs
  • Kiddo is for both self-managed and plan-managed NDIS participants
  • All Kiddo Support Workers are ID verified and working with children checked
  • There are online reviews and ratings from other parents for peace of mind
  • Kiddo has capacity across all regions and uou can quickly check current capacity within the app

How does the Kiddo app work?

The Kiddo app is free for parents to join. Download the app via Apple, or Android.

Or, for more information about Kiddo, visit their website.

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