How to prepare for a new NDIS plan

If you’re new to the NDIS, or in the process of getting a new NDIS plan, then you may have questions, or you may even feel overwhelmed by the prospect.

At myAutonomy, we know that the process can be intimidating. It can take some time to understand NDIS plans.

Fortunately, to help make things simpler, we’ve put together some key steps for preparing for a new plan.

To find a detailed guide on NDIS plans, read more on the NDIS website.

Consider your goals

All NDIS plans revolve around one key element: goal setting. The funding and supports you receive must all relate to the goals that you have set out in your plan.

Having the right goals then is critical to have a plan that works well for you and supports your well-being in the ways that you need.

One goal, for example, could be to increase your balance and mobility. There are many different supports –– such as physiotherapy, exercise psychology, and physical equipment –– that may be useful to help you achieve this goal. Listing out these specifics is important to ensure there will be the right funding allocated.

As you start a new plan, consider all the things you want to work towards (and the things you’ll need help with) for the duration of the plan. That way you’ll set goals that are the most beneficial for you.

Prepare for your plan meeting

All new NDIS plans kick off with a plan meeting. This is held between the participant and an NDIS representative. This may be conducted in person or over a phone call.

It’s helpful to prepare for the meeting so that you don’t leave with unanswered questions or a plan that doesn’t suit your needs.

Here are some steps that will help:

  1. Read the NDIS booklet Creating your NDIS plan: this will ensure you understand how plans work and what’s involved.
  2. Have a list of any questions written out that you can ask the NDIS representative.
  3. Set a reminder for your plan meeting appointment so that you don’t miss it or turn up late.
  4. Find a calm quiet place where you won’t be disturbed during the meeting –– that way you’ll be able to focus.
  5. If you’d like, have a friend or family member join the meeting for additional support.

Get advice from your support coordinator

Your early childhood partner, LAC, and/or Support Coordinator can provide advice on guidance to prepare for and use your plan effectively.

These representatives are able to assist you to:

  • Understand your plan and what’s included
  • Help you with goal setting
  • Connect with supports that will help you achieve your goals
  • Create agreements and bookings with providers
  • Answer questions and queries that you may have

Don’t be afraid to reach out to them for support.

We’re here to help

We know the process of starting a new NDIS plan can be an intimidating one, but with the right preparation and support, a new plan can dramatically improve your quality of life.

Have a question about your NDIS plan? Our friendly team is here to help you thrive.

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