Provider Spotlight- Onside Support Coordination

Provider Spotlight: OnSide Support Coordination

Support Coordinators are the lifeblood of the NDIS––helping participants access the right supports for them while working towards their goals.

To do their best work, Support Coordinators must have a supportive and helpful environment too. That’s something provider OnSide offers alongside helping participants thrive.

We spoke with the team to discover more about their services.

Who are OnSide Support Coordination?

OnSide is a team of dedicated Support Coordinators. That means Support Coordination is all we do!

We have a team of 60+ permanently employed Support Coordinators who are expert navigators of the NDIS and broader health and human services system.

We exist to provide participants with the support they need to achieve their specific goals and maximise their NDIS plans. We’re here for one thing––supporting participants to thrive.

How did OnSide come to be?

OnSide started in 2017 with a simple idea. That idea was that some participants would prefer and benefit from dedicated (unconflicted) Support Coordination services.

Over time, we have stayed true to this idea and added new ones––like our commitment to a permanent workforce model so we can build a culture, team, and organisation that’s focused on the well-being of practitioners.

We believe that happy, healthy Support Coordinators mean better services for participants.

Which regions does OnSide service?

OnSide is national with the biggest, best, and most diverse team of permanent Support Coordinators.

We have small teams on the ground, embedded in their local communities across Melbourne, Sydney, Southeast Queensland, and Perth. We also support people across Australia using technology including telehealth.

What’s the OnSide difference?

The depth and breadth of experience and expertise across OnSide’s large national team is extraordinary and means consistently better outcomes for participants.

We’re dedicated to Support Coordination which means we live and breathe it. Every system, conversation, policy, meeting, and person at OnSide is focused on better meeting your Support Coordination needs.

We’re committed and growing, which also means we’re not going anywhere.

Do you have capacity?

Yes, and we’ll get back to you with an initial meet and greet within 24 hours of your contact (at the latest!).

What’s the best way to get in touch?