Provider Spotlight- PlatformTo

Provider Spotlight: PlatformTo

Experiencing disability can unfortunately mean being disconnected and excluded from the community.

Some providers try to change that by offering social and skill-building supports to help connect participants with their community. Platform To is one of those providers.

Platform To helps to connect participants and help them to develop lifelong skills––all of which can make a huge difference to their wellbeing. We spoke to the team to learn more about the supports they offer.

Tell us in a few words about your organisation…

Our mission is to connect participants with their community and help them develop lifelong skills, whilst finding their passions and purpose. We provide social and skill-building supports that focus on participants achieving goals and living their best lives.

Platform To can help participants to:

  • Find employment

  • Build a healthy lifestyle

  • Explore housing options

  • Make new friends

  • Gain greater independence

  • Move out of home

  • Develop your social skills

  • Learn to cook

  • Start volunteer work

How did your organisation come to be?

Theresa and Jade were involved in the Sydney and Central Coast NDIS rollout and were able to meet hundreds of families and hear their stories.

They felt that overall, there wasn’t enough emphasis on participants’ capabilities and strengths and as a result, participants weren’t achieving their goals.

It was decided to set up a program where an organisation could celebrate participants’ wins and recognise that goals are ever-evolving and changing.

Which regions does your organisation look after?

Sydney, Central Coast, and the Hunter Region.

What is your organisation’s difference in the market?

We recognise the importance of having a sense of belonging and social connection. To ensure this happens, we work hard to match participants to others who have similar goals, hobbies and interests. This is established through our matematch program and skill-building workshops.

What’s the best way for a participant or a nominee to get in touch?

You can call us directly on 02 8916 629 or head to our website.