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Spotlight on Kylie – “How I regained quality of life”

“My experience completely turned around. The NDIS funds started working for me and the results have been incredible.”

For people who experience disability, quality of life and regaining control are key goals. But what if accessing NDIS funds is challenging, and you don’t find the support you need?

That’s exactly what happened to Kylie.

Kylie was with a service provider who was not giving her the help she needed. Her condition worsened and she had little hope. Fortunately, things have now turned around.

Life-changing support

Kylie experiences a condition that worsened later in life. After years in the workforce, she found herself unable to work, do typical daily tasks, and be the parent and grandparent she wanted to be. Ultimately, her quality of life was disappearing.

“When you’re chronically unwell and unable to work, you start to wonder, what’s the point of all this?” she said.

Kylie started accessing support coordination through Connecting Futures. Connecting Futures recommended Kylie use myAutonomy for her plan management. With the collaboration and support of both organisations things began to look up.

When asked what she thought about myAutonomy, Kylie said, “myAutonomy takes the time to understand my condition and discover exactly what I need to improve. Their help has changed my life completely.”

Using funds flexibly

Flexible use of funding is something Kylie has benefited from enormously.

A mobility scooter and walking frame also allow Kylie to get out, go to the shops and do daily tasks as she needs to. While climate-controlled bedding keeps Kylie’s body cool as she sleeps – something her condition prevents her from naturally doing.

These changes, all funded via Kylie’s plan-managed funds, are showing real results.

“I don’t need to rely on my family for things. It gives me a sense of control, I can carry on with life and still be there for my children as a parent. I can even get a driver to take me to see my grandchildren and babysit.”

Personalised service

myAutonomy’s personalised service is something that’s also helped Kylie improve her quality of life.

“I love that myAutonomy thinks outside the box. I phoned them in tears one day. I had an operation booked in Melbourne, but my condition had become so bad that I couldn’t get on a train from Bendigo. The team was able to start an account for me with a taxi company to take the two-hour drive, getting me to my critical operation.”

Kylie was also able to pick her own service providers through myAutonomy ensuring that she was comfortable with who was in her home.

“When you’re unwell you lose a sense of control. Through using myAutonomy, I can choose the people that are in my home, which helps put my mind at ease.”

Faster payment processing

Kylie’s also found that partnering with myAutonomy helps her get what she needs faster. Our fast payment of funds means that service providers are more likely to work with her.

And through myOneStepPay, Kylie can get what she needs quickly without paying any money upfront. We manage the ordering, delivery and payment and later claim those funds through the NDIS.

Ultimately, Kylie is meeting her goals, improving her quality of life, and being the parent and grandparent that she wants to be.

“It has been an absolute lifesaver for me. The team never judges, they just focus on how they can get me the best possible result. I feel so lucky to get the support I need,” she said.

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