Working together with Support Coordinators

Working together with Support Coordinators

At myAutonomy, one of our core goals is to help our community, which includes participants, providers and Support Coordinators, thrive.

To ensure we can work effectively together, we have helpful processes that make the role of Support Coordinators simpler and easier.

Recently joined? Here’s what you need to know once you’ve been onboarded with myAutonomy.

Our service commitments

These are just a few of the ways we commit to helping you better perform your role.

  • Holistic support: we’ve structured our business to ensure our staff are available to help you thrive.
  • No hold times: we don’t operate a call centre. We have Plan Specialists on hand to answer your queries when you have them.
  • Same-day processing: get your invoice to us before 12 pm, and we’ll ensure it’s processed on the same day.

We’re here to support you

Through a range of services and processes, we’re able to help Support Coordinators thrive. Just a few of the key ways we do this include:

  • Monthly status reviews: we email monthly status plan reports to participants, nominees, and Support Coordinators to help you easily keep track.
  • Plan reviews: we help with financial reports, plan reviews, and the quarantining of funds to make your role simpler. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll make it happen.
  • Careview Advantage: it’s easy to manage budgeting and invoices through the Careview platform. Participants can also download the app to view their budgets and invoices and approve invoices if they prefer.
  • Switching is easy: we make the process of switching plan providers simple for participants. And it’s possible to change over at any time during a plan.
  • Helpful resources: we run a blog that helps answer your most common queries, provide industry updates, and offer useful content to help you and your participants make the most of their plans. You can also find us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Gaining access to our offerings is easy, we simply ask you to keep us in the loop if you change your communication channel––this helps us keep in touch regularly and maintain our best service possible.

Helpful points of contact

We have a team of Plan Specialists ready to support you and ensure you have all of the resources and information you need.

  • Provider invoices – as a Support Coordinator you can let any providers know they can send their invoices to [email protected]
  • Funding and invoice queries – any funding requests or invoice queries can be sent to [email protected] or via phone call at 1300 60 33 89.