Can the NDIS help with laundry services?

Curious if the NDIS offers assistance with laundry tasks? You’d be surprised to know that it is one of the more commonly asked questions at myAutonomy.

While it’s true that the NDIS may offer funding for these types of tasks, the answer depends on your plan, and personal goals.

To help you understand whether you (or your participants) qualify, we’ve created this helpful guide.

What does the NDIS offer?

The NDIS can help with laundry services assuming that the support meets the ‘reasonable and necessary’ test.

Laundry tasks, like washing and ironing, can fall under two different sections of the NDIS Core Supports –– Assistance with Daily Life.

These are:

  1. Support at home
  2. Linen service

Support at home; such as In-home laundry support, includes someone coming into the home to complete tasks like washing, hanging, ironing, and folding on a regular basis.

Whereas, a linen service will include; collection and drop off, washing and drying of sheets, towels, and possibly clothing at an external site.

Who’s eligible for laundry services?

To be eligible for laundry services, the support must be considered ‘reasonable and necessary’ and it must relate to the participant’s disability.

The two key elements of meeting this test are:

  1. Whether the support is listed in the participant’s plan
    The most important factor is whether laundry services are specifically listed in a participant’s plan. Or, whether laundry services strongly relate to a goal in the plan.
  2. A letter of support
    If the desired support isn’t listed in a participant’s plan, it’s helpful to get a letter of support from a qualified health professional. Alternatively, a LAC or a planner can provide written approval too. This will greatly increase the chances of being approved for funding.

If neither of these conditions is met, then it’s very unlikely that you, or your participant, is eligible.

The reasonable and necessary test

Keep in mind, for any support to be ‘reasonable and necessary’ there are six key questions taken into account. These are:

1. Is the support listed in my plan?
2. Will the support help me engage in the community?
3. Is the desired support value for money?
4. Will the support be effective and beneficial?
5. Is it reasonable to expect society to fund the support?
6. Is the NDIS the most appropriate funding source

A letter of support is an additional step that can bolster your claim.

We’re here to help

To learn more about what’s considered reasonable and necessary, read the full list of requirements on the NDIS website.

And to learn more about housing services, including laundry services, funded by the NDIS click here.

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