Better courses for children on the spectrum

For children who experience autism, anxiety, challenges with socialising, and difficulty communicating one’s needs, are common.

The experience can be difficult for children and parents alike. As a plan manager, we’re always on the lookout to find helpful services that we can recommend.

In this week’s article, we’re highlighting two courses that are helping children and young people around Australia and abroad to build confidence, awareness, and the social skills they need to thrive, which are run by the team at Amazing Skills.

In some cases, the courses can be covered by NDIS funding too.

Secret Agent Society

The Secret Agent Society course was created by Amazing Skills – a provider that helps children and young people with autism.

Said to be developed for “solving the mystery of social encounters” – the course is a fun spy-game learning program for children aged between 7 and 12.

During a 3-month period, children gain a range of social skills. By the end of the program, children may be able to better recognise emotions in themselves and others, manage anxiety, express themselves in more useful ways, play with others, socialise and build friendships.

The course is recognised globally as an evidence-based program with great success – having helped thousands of children.

Secret Agent Society is run across Australia by a range of different providers. To learn more, click here.

Peers For Teens & Young Adults

Peers for Teens & Young Adults is a course designed to help young people interact with others in positive ways.

Held in groups for 13-17-year-olds and 18-25-year-olds, the course is fun, high-impact and held over a 4-month period.

During the course, young people gain the chance to learn and develop social skills, discover how to best cope with romantic relationships and conflicts with others, and develop independence and confidence.

One key goal of the course is to help young people to gain friends and keep them over time.

Peers for Teens & Young Adults is run across Australia by a range of providers. To learn more, click here.

NDIS funding eligibility

Many courses for children on the spectrum, including these, may be funded via a participant’s plan if certain conditions are met.

In order to be eligible for NDIS funding the courses must either:

  • Be related to a goal in a participant’s plan
  • Or approved by an LAC or planner

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