How meal preparation and delivery through the NDIS works

Experiencing disability can make meal planning and preparation challenging. For some people, planning meals, shopping for food, following a set of detailed instructions and clearing up afterwards, simply isn’t possible. 

In these cases, the NDIS may grant funding for meal services, either meal preparation or a meal delivery service that delivers cooked food straight to a participant’s door. 

What’s covered by the NDIS? 

Not all participants are eligible for meal supports. 

To have meal preparation and/or delivery meal supports must be:

  • Considered reasonable and necessary 
  • Specifically mentioned in a participant’s plan or
  • Approved by a LAC or planner

There is also flexibility within the core supports of an NDIS plan to pay for the preparation and delivery of pre-prepared meals in certain circumstances. 

Some things the NDIS will look at in order to grant meals include: 

  • Whether the disability prevents an individual from shopping, cooking, or cleaning up after preparing a meal.
  • Whether the support is value for money weighing up the benefits of the service and the cost of alternatives. 
  • Whether the support will help an individual pursue their goals

Find more information about food and meal preparation on the NDIS website

How do I engage with providers? 

We can help you understand whether or not a meal preparation or delivery service could be included within your funding. Then you can work with your support coordinator to find providers that meet your needs

Take participant Don, for example, who due to a number of physical disabilities, is unable to prepare food for himself and due to his condition, he requires a specific diet. We helped Don by organizing regular food delivery to ensure he receives balanced meals without having to leave his home.

In Don’s case, because meal delivery was part of his plan, we were able to accommodate his needs. 

We’re here to help

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