Decluttering- will the NDIS fund it

Decluttering: will the NDIS fund it?

Having a clean and tidy space is important for safety and mental well-being. But, for those who experience disability, it can be challenging to stay on top of your physical space.

The question for many though, is, will the NDIS fund decluttering services?

The answer depends on a few factors. In some cases, the NDIS will fund decluttering services to help participants have a tidy space, ensure their home is safe to move around and help participants build skills.

The benefits of decluttering

Decluttering services can help participants to have an organized home, making items simpler to find and use. It can also assist with daily living ensuring that preparing food, getting dressed, getting in and out of bed, and finding clothing is simple and safe.

Hygiene is another benefit of decluttering. A declutter can help reduce the amount of mildew, dust, mould, and pests that might be present in a participant’s home––all of which can impact physical health.

Who’s eligible for decluttering?

Keeping a home tidy and organised can be overwhelming for many people––that’s especially true for people who experience mobility, balance, mental, and other challenges.

The NDIS does fund decluttering services for some of those participants. To discover whether a participant is eligible, it’s essential to apply the ‘reasonable and necessary’ test.

That means that the NDIS must consider that the support is in line with these requirements. The support should also relate to a goal in the participant’s plan.

What codes apply?

If you, or your participant, is eligible for decluttering services, they can be covered under a few different codes within the core and capacity-building budgets.

As a guide:

  • Core: if a decluttering or home organisation professional is advising the participant, the support can be covered by:
    01_011_0107_1_1 – Assistance With Self-Care Activities – Standard – Weekday Daytime $65.47
    01_004_0107_1_1 – Assistance with Personal Domestic Activities $55.03

  • Core or cleaning: if a decluttering professional is performing the service or cleaning, the support can be covered by:
    01_020_0120_1_1 – House Cleaning And Other Household Activities $54.07

Note: if a participant is building a skill, they can access the support for $65.47 p/h. But, if the professional is cleaning or organising, then cleaning or domestic codes should be used.

What professionals should be charging

Keep in mind, cleaning professionals and support workers (which includes decluttering) should charge the rates listed above.

Some allied health professionals provide therapeutic supports which may be described as decluttering for marketing purposes, that may meet the requirements of a relevant AHPRA registration and charge other rates.

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