Getting invoices paid faster- essential tips

Getting invoices paid faster: essential tips

While NDIS payments ought to be simple, sometimes getting paid can be a challenge.

At myAutonomy, we believe that participants, providers, and Support Coordinators shouldn’t have to fret about invoices being paid on time. That’s why we keep the process simple and fast. Send us your completed invoice by 12 pm and we’ll process it on the same day!

The important thing is to follow our handy guide to ensure your invoices include all the information they need.

Including all the key information

As an NDIS provider, we must comply with all of the NDIA requirements – this includes only processing invoices that have all the necessary information included.

An incomplete invoice can have undesirable consequences. Since 2022, the NDIS Compliance Review Team has been increasing invoice reviews – looking out for anything that appears unusual or incorrect.

That’s unfortunately meant some providers have been required to return the money, sometimes an entire year after providing the service. This can put unnecessary stress and strain on everyone.

We make things simpler

To ensure that both providers and participants are protected, we perform internal risk evaluations. This helps ensure that invoices will be approved down the line and there will be no nasty surprises.

To ensure we can complete an evaluation, we might ask you for more information. This is to ensure that our Compliance Review Team can approve that an appropriate use of NDIA funds has occurred.

Best practices for providing invoices

To ensure that the process runs smoothly, it’s essential to complete all of the necessary information. This includes details like the ABN, services provided, specific hours worked, and the rates charged.

We created a handy checklist to help you include all the necessary information which we recommend saving for future reference.

Invoicing checklist

Include all of the following:

The full registered business name
The participant’s name and NDIS number
A clear description of services provided
The relevant NDIS item code for each service
A breakdown of hours worked per person each day
Specific dates and times that services were provided
The rates being charged per hour or item
Specific details on the number of staff members and the exact hours each worked

We’re here to help

We know that understanding the NDIS can be challenging, but we’re here to assist you. If you have any questions, our friendly team is more than happy to help.

Get in touch on 1300 60 33 89 or at [email protected].