plan managing easier

How myAutonomy makes plan managing easier

Plan Managing

Plan management through the NDIS can be challenging. Ensuring that your funding is working for you while working towards your NDIS goals, tends to require a high level of planning. That’s where a plan manager can be enormously beneficial.  

The right plan manager is someone who can be in your corner, ensure you’re making the most of your funds, and be personable and understanding too.  

At myAutuonomy, it’s our goal to help participants thrive in every way. We make the process of plan management simpler to ensure you can make the most of your funding and improve your quality of life.  

Here are some ways that we make plan managing easier.  

We help you use your plan flexibly

To ensure you’re able to meet your NDIS goals, and thrive as an individual, being able to have flexible use of funding is critical. 

We allow participants to use their funds flexibly in the ways that’ll help them the most.  

Take participant Kylie, for example, whose funding wasn’t working for her until she joined myAutonomy. myAutonomy’s solution-based focus has allowed Kylie to benefit from flexible use of her funds.  

While for myAutonomy participant, Lisa, access to music therapy has proved critical for improving her mental health.  

We offer personalised real-human service

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re just another number or ending up speaking to chatbots and never getting anywhere.  

At myAutonomy, we treat every participant as an individual –– and we’re a team of real people ready to assist in any way we can.  

As a boutique plan manager, we’re focused on delivering personalised and meaningful service. Every team member at myAutonomy plays a critical role in helping participants and support coordinators thrive.  

We’re also happy to ensure that you speak to the same person each time, if that’s your preference, to save having to explain your situation, and to ensure you can build a personal connection.  

Our personalised service has helped many participants feel as though they have true support.  

“It has been an absolute lifesaver for me. The team never judges, they just focus on how they can get me the best possible result. I feel so lucky to get the support I need.” – participant, Kylie.  

We have a team of plan specialists

We know that the stress of budgeting can be overwhelming. That’s why we have a team of Plan Specialists here to help.  

Our Plan Specialists answer queries, provide information and support, and ensure all invoices are paid quickly.  

Plan Specialists also help with budgeting and forecasting. A Plan Specialist can provide a detailed snapshot of current spending. They can break down exactly which categories apply to your expenses, and where underspend and overspend is.  

Support coordinators who have multiple mutual participants can even book a Portfolio Review with myAutonomy –– to make budgeting simpler than ever before.  

Faster payment processing 

To ensure participants get the products and services they need as soon as possible, we also process payments very fast –– with a 48-hour guarantee.  

Doing so also ensures that providers will be happy to work with NDIS-funded participants.  

And, through myOneSteppay, gaining access to products quickly is simple without having to pay upfront. We manage the ordering, delivery and payment and later claim those funds through the NDIS –– so that participants never have to stress.  

Switching is simpler

Did you know? Switching plan managers is simpler than you might think. In fact, we can manage the process for you and ensure that all loose ends are tied up quickly.  

We’re here to help? Have a question, or want to make the switch. Email us at [email protected] or call our friendly team on 1300 60 33 89.