The difference between plan management and support coordination

The difference between plan management and support coordination

Ever been confused about plan management and support coordination? We know many people getting started with the NDIS can become understandably confused about the different terms.

Given that there’s plenty to learn when it comes to the NDIS, we’re committed to making the complicated simple.

Along with our other articles helping to simplify the NDIS, this guide helps to make clear the differences between plan management and support coordination.

What’s a support coordinator?

Support coordinators play one of the most essential roles for participants. Support coordinators perform many essential tasks to help participants gain the right supports for them while making the most of their NDIS plans.

Some of their role includes:

  • Helping participants access the best supports for them

  • Ensuring there’s the right mix of supports offered to work towards goals in the plan

  • Helping participants work towards their goals

  • Helping participants to understand their NDIS plans and answer key questions

  • To help participants build key skills and increase their capacity

  • Helping participants make the most out of their plans

This is not an exhaustive list, and there are many other things that support coordinators help participants with.

What’s a plan manager?

Plan managers differ from support coordinators. They are not just one person, but an organisation that streamlines the process of managing the financial aspects of the NDIS plan.

A plan manager can help in a number of key ways including:

  • Helping participants with budgeting

  • Helping participants navigate (and understand) the NDIS

  • Clarifying what to consider when deciding what is covered by your funding

  • Paying invoices on the participant’s behalf

  • Making claims to the NDIA on your behalf

While participants are not obliged to have a plan manager, a plan manager can significantly reduce the impact of managing an NDIS plan on your own.

Anecdotally, we’ve heard that managing your own plan can vary between 10 – 15 hours a fortnight of effort for a participant or their nominee to manage.

Do I need both a support coordinator and a plan manager?

Because plan managers and support coordinators play different roles, the answer to this question is often: yes.

However, while all participants will typically require a support coordinator, there’s no requirement to have a plan manager if you prefer to self-manage finances. For more on the difference, you can read this article here.

It’s important to keep in mind though, that a support coordinator cannot play the role of a plan manager for a participant. Support coordinators don’t manage the financial aspects of an NDIS plan. So, if you’d like assistance, it’s best to go with a trusted plan manager.

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